Community Relations

Often your local community can be among your most valued stakeholder groups. For many organisations, their local community may not be the source of any revenue or recipients of their services. Yet they can be just as important to your future.

Not only are local communities important in their own right, they can yield significant influence on all levels of government, both political and bureaucratic arms.

However, never before have we faced such a splintered media environment. Entire demographics are disengaging from traditional media channels and are difficult to reach, even by traditional post.

Etched has provided strategic and tactical communications assistance as organisations embarked on:

  • Development applications
  • Political campaigns
  • Client acquisition
  • Community consultation exercises

We are always strategic, methodical and organised and able to exploit a range of communications channels depending on the project, the target location, demographics and the call to action.

We put your long term reputation at the heart of all of our community consultation programs, ensuring we communicate with integrity and respect for all your stakeholders.