Crisis & Issues Management

Etched provides trusted public relations counsel and tactical assistance in a crisis. We can help you and your leadership team find a way through the most burning issues your organisation could face.
Crisis Management

Crises can define an organisation and its leaders. It can be their undoing or an opportunity to demonstrate to important stakeholders the company’s values, character, professionalism and empathy. Handled delicately, effective crisis management can be used as an opportunity for growth.

Responding with a level head in times of crisis can be difficult, even for the most seasoned leaders. Most crises require more than a level head; they need a strategic and timely response that’s as mindful of the next few months as the next few hours.

We can provide you with the strategic guidance and framework to navigate a crisis, as well as the tactical assistance in engaging with key stakeholders, rapid development of messaging and communications, and respond – strategically and tactically – to rapidly changing circumstances.

The earlier we’re at your side amid a crisis, the better chance you have to minimize the long term impacts on your organisation or even turn adversity into opportunity.
Crisis Preparedness

The first few hours of a crisis are often the most important. Etched can help ensure you’re prepared to respond to an unfolding crisis in a timely way with confidence and determination.

Crises can impact your people and processes in unexpected ways. It can pay untold dividends to have explored and prepared for all the possibilities.

We’ll help you identify your most important stakeholders, your key communications assets and channels, and prepare your core messages.
Issues Management

Slow burning issues can eat away at an organisation by diminishing revenues, sapping staff morale and robbing you of time. They can distract and compromise your day-to-day marketing and communications, turning the most trivial exercise into a headache.

Dealing effectively with those issues and the stakeholders most affected can be liberating and turn adversity into opportunity. Most importantly, getting on top of your most pressing issues can save you time and money.

We’ll be honest though – effective issues management is more than a spin. It often takes time, the courage of conviction and tangible, measurable action.

Etched can help you navigate the issues most pertinent to you and communicate to internal and external stakeholders.