Growth, retention + sustainability

While public relations in corporate communications is often squarely focused on improving reputation,  we at Etched are also mindful of growth and retention.

Growth and retention of customers and/or revenue are likely to be central objectives to your organisation, whether you’re a NGO, private company, publically listed or a startup.

We’ll help you develop and execute a communications strategy that aligns with your business plan and can help your organisation grow and retain what matters to you.

Sustainability, through years of ‘green-washing’, has lost much of its meaning. It’s overused and underappreciated.

To Etched, sustainability is about ensuring organisations don’t lose sight of long-term vision for the sake of short-term gain. That means doing your best to ensure the people and places you interact with are all better off for it. Increasingly, if it is not a mindset your organisation is adopting, it is one that many of your key stakeholders are.

While there remains a determined reluctance to pay a premium for sustainability, it is often that the expectation  of responsible and sustainable practices are business as usual. And often those practices can save you time, money and a world of headaches.

We’ve worked along side some of the world’s most responsible organisations, helping them tell their stories of responsible environmental stewardship, social responsibility or creating shared value.

For smaller organisations, we’ve helped them to start on a better path and to start meeting the expectations of some of their most valued stakeholders.