Integrated Campaigns

In today’s splintered media landscape, rarely are any organisations using just one single channel to reach their stakeholders. It is increasingly necessary to have the experience and expertise of using a range of media to engage with your most valued stakeholders in a coordinated, strategic campaign.

More often than not, organisations are leveraging campaigns to ask their audiences to embrace a call to action – whether that is to purchase goods and services, support a policy position, register to participate or even donate to a cause.

Etched is particularly experienced in developing and running integrated campaigns that seek to advance policy reform at local, state and federal government levels.

Etched is expert at developing and running integrated campaigns, drawing on a range of elements including:

  • Development of the overarching strategy including central arguments, policy positions or unique selling proposition
  • Developing the central creative executions
  • Aligning your strategy with the necessary tactics and channels
  • Tactical execution including:
    • Website development
    • Social media community development
    • Advertising – across digital, social and traditional platforms
    • Government relations
    • Events
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Developing and nurturing partnerships and coalitions
    • Community engagement