Media Engagement

A changing landscape

The media landscape is under siege. As a sector, it’s exposed to some of the most rapid and large scale disruption the world has ever seen. News outlets are struggling to find a profitable business model amid the explosion of digital and social media.

As a result, journalists are under enormous pressure to do more with less. The ability to monitor what’s popular with audiences in real time is influencing what and how journalists, editors and producers develop.

These changes have bigger ramifications, including on the crucial role the media plays in a properly functioning democracy and economy.

In this environment, media engagement presents considerable challenges and opportunities. Anytime you deal with the media, you must be acutely aware of this context and have empathy for the day-to-day life and stresses of journalists, editors and producers.


How does Etched develop Media Strategies?

Cookie cutter approaches to media engagement simply no longer work.

Etched starts with the strategic aims of your organisation and assesses the need and prospects for media engagement. If it’s not the right approach, we’ll tell you. Media engagement without a clear objective often carries more risk than reward.

But if media engagement will help meet your aims, and risks can be mitigated or managed, we’ll then set about refining your messages that we tailor to publications and audiences. We develop honest messages, with substance and relevance.

We’ll prepare you for curly questions and equip you with the skills and expertise to eventually engage media yourself, if needs be.

Media engagement rarely occurs without complementary activities in the digital space – and we can help you with integrated strategies and tactical execution.



As Etched has significant experience across a range of industry sectors and subject matter, we deal with different journalists, editors and producers every day, resulting in a series of long-held relationships. But in truth, even a close friendship won’t turn a poor story into a front page headline – you still must do the hard work to develop a compelling, entertaining and informative story told by a believable spokesperson of integrity.

Collaborative relationships with the media, however, can help guide the process of story development and help you get a laser sharp understanding of what their needs are and what will interest their audience.

Importantly for Etched, we understand the pressure the media is under and work hard to make their life on that day a little easier. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to help journalists pull together the elements of a story.


How can Etched help you?

Etched can assist you in developing a long term media strategy that aligns with the objectives of your organisation. When the time comes, we’ll find the newsworthy angle to your story, ensuring it is pitched to the right journalist in the right publication to reach and ultimately influence the audience you’re after.

Consultants like veteran journalist Peter Wilkinson can also media train your key spokespeople and prepare them to engage directly with the media – whether that’s print, broadcast or online.