Public Affairs

Having an effective public affairs strategy is vital for most organisations. You may have any number of reasons to deal with government, including:

  • Proposed or recent legislative reforms that influence your business
  • You’d like government as a client or partner
  • Your organisation can offer a solution to a policy problem
  • You have unique insights to emerging policy challenges
  • You’re seeking regulatory approval (e.g. complex Development Application)
  • You’d like to keep government up to speed with your industry so they can make informed decisions in the future

Government at all levels can be among your organisation’s most vital stakeholders. Organisations can be legislated out of business – sometimes deliberately – but more often through unintended and unforeseen consequences of policy decisions.

Government relations, however, must be conducted deftly. Politics by its nature is fraught with risk and to engage government and political stakeholders without an awareness of the nuances can create more problems than resolve – even with the best intentions.

The Lucky Country

While politicians – and to a lesser extent, bureaucrats – are often maligned. Australia is actually blessed with one of the most effective and accessible political systems in the world. Having empathy for politicians and bureaucrats and the challenges they face is the starting point for any public affairs strategy.

With that in mind, beginning the relationship with government when you’re in the midst of a crisis or have a difficult ask of them is often the worst way to start a relationship. That’s why we encourage our clients to embrace local politicians as key stakeholders as early as possible, sharing with them your good news and successes before you even have need for an ask. Like any relationship, if it’s all about you and your immediate needs, you’re unlikely to succeed.

Our Public Affairs Services:

Etched is a registered lobbyist across a number of jurisdictions.

Across federal, state and local government, we can help you:

  • Develop a government relations strategy – identifying key influences and messages likely to assist your cause
  • With tactical support and help you engage directly with government
  • Research and intelligence gathering
  • Identify other pathways of influence and potential partners
  • Develop integrated campaigns that help gather widespread electoral support and unite behind a call to action