Social Media and Social Media Advertising

Social media represents a huge opportunity for every business in terms of growth and reputation management and is especially useful, when used correctly, if your company finds itself in the midst of a crisis.

Social media platforms are ideal tools with which to engage consumers and relevant stakeholders. It is particularly useful when your company wants to bypass traditional media and speak directing to your audience.

Etched is familiar with managing most social media platforms and are especially accustomed to working on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube. If your company currently has no social media presence or would like to revive activity on your existing platforms, then Etched can put together a comprehensive strategy to achieve your goals on social media.

Our social media team is also well-versed in creating and managing Facebook advertising campaigns focused on achieving audience growth, reach or a specific call to action. The platform allows for extremely targeted audience segmentation so we ensure that our ads are reaching the people that you want to speak to and not wasting any marketing dollars.

The nature of the mediums also allow for quick, nimble responses to internal or market events which makes them powerful in a crisis. At Etched, we pride ourselves on being able to navigate sensitive issues and tricky situations with quick, highly nuanced messaging that speaks to the core of your business needs.