Stakeholder Engagement

It is crucial to understand and involve stakeholders with the capacity to impact the direction and success of your business. For many organisations, the media is often among the most important stakeholder groups, both in their own right, and as a channel to others.

Why does stakeholder engagement matter?

Achieving success often requires the alignment, support and involvement of key stakeholders. Many stakeholders have the potential to impact decision-making and your corporate direction. Effective communication with stakeholders is essential.

Our approach to stakeholder engagement

Etched Communications assists clients in developing and reinforcing enduring relationships with stakeholders, encompassing the media, staff, strategic partner organisations, NGOs, investors and ambassadors.
We can help you identify and prioritise key stakeholders, and anticipate the issues that matter to and concern them, crafting communication tactics that engage and eventually persuade.

We believe in forging strong and sustained relationships based on clear, consistent, and transparent communications. We work with clients to build rapport and trust across their stakeholder community. Taking the time and effort to engage your stakeholder group is essential to sustained success. Etched Communications specialises in targeted, relevant communication to build corporate reputation with sustainable results.