When reputation matters

Etched is able to help you manage your organisations declining reputation to put you on the other side with a better company image

An organisation’s reputation is seemingly a nebulas idea and often a separate discussion to growth or retention. Yet there’s barely an organisation on the planet that can sustain a declining reputation among its key stakeholders without feeling it on their bottom line.

The list of root issues behind a declining reputation are endless.

From customer service and structural problems, to issues around responsible sourcing, a negative internal culture, or you’re seemingly prone to controversy.

From our past experience, many reputation problems evolve from simply standing still in a rapidly changing world.

What’s more – a reputation problem can flair from an annoyance to fully fledged crisis in the context of external developments. The longer that problem has been allowed to fester, the less forgiving journalists and other stakeholders will be.

By not addressing the core problems, you’re leaving the door open for your competitors to develop a selling proposition around your weakness and to taking a hit on your bottom line.

Even if you’re organisation is perceived positively, it’s often worthwhile to maintain and leverage that perception. Community expectations can shift quickly, particularly in light of wider trends and high-profile news.

Etched can bolster, maintain and protect your reputation and help persevere and advance your position in the market.