Media Engagement

Do your needs require traditional media attention?

Etched has abundant experience around news media and different industry sectors and can help guide you to the right outlets with the right message.
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Public Affairs

Need assistance in building the relationship between your business and government?

Etched has a strong background in government relations, giving us the best tactics to assist your business in growing government relationships.
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Stakeholder Engagement

Effective communication with stakeholders is essential

Etched will help you involve your stakeholders for key support and to grow the success of your business.
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Community Relations

Show the community that they are your valued stakeholder.

Etched knows the value of the local community to your business. Let us guide you to making relationships that last a lifetime.
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Integrated Campaigns

Do you need help finding ways to reach your stakeholders?

Etched can help you develop and run campaigns that advance policy to reform at local, state and federal government levels.
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Social Media

Do you want to expand your engagement online?

Etched is expert in Social Media and Social Media Advertising to expand your audience and reach your business goals.
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Training and Development

Do you want to further your staff’s education?

Etched offers a range of educational programs around media and crisis principles.
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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential to strategic communications.

We are agile. We are data-driven. We are outcomes-focused.
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Our Team

Peter Wilkinson

Strategic Council

Andrew Butler

Managing Director
Strategic Communications & Government Relations

Sam Willkinson

Senior Consultant
Digital Marketing and Strategy

Beroze Dubash

Account Manager
New & Traditional Media Integrator

Alexandra Black

New Media & Social Specialist

Mark Abernethy

Senior Consultant
Business Writer, Author & Editor

Andy Quan

Senior Consultant
Highly Versatile Writer & Editor

Susan Caldis

Senior Consultant
Educational Writer

Our Clients



Our wires are more than crossed – they’re lying on the ground in a tangled mess
Andrew Butler
September 30, 2016

The recent storms in South Australia has brought to the fore some vital lessons about communicating in a crisis. Read more>>

Eddie McGuire school of public relations: what to do when journos do their job?
Andrew Butler
June 22, 2016

Eddie McGuire is a doofus. Here are two lessons learnt about dealing with journalists and avoiding these problems like this in the future.Read more>>

Campaign behind referendum will need to address hard truths
Andrew Butler
April 6, 2016

To have integrity, an integrated campaign must try to present the whole truth, or at very least not conveniently omit a major fundamental truth.Read more>>


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