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Etched has spent decades working closely with specifiers, project managers, builders, and subcontractors on projects of all levels of complexity, always manufacturing and installing the absolute best in architectural façades, cladding solutions, louvres, and screens.

In fact, we have invested in our manufacturing for many years, from technology and machinery, to developing the best expertise and systems to ensure we continue to deliver to the highest quality standards.


We source, operate, and maintain industry-leading technologies, that ensure the most precise manufacturing processes and that we are setting the industry benchmark in quality when it comes to production output.

When it comes to facade, cladding, louvre and screen manufacturing, uniformity matters and our processes ensure the exact duplication of materials, their shape, and their cut, by setting the highest standards for our teams to follow and execute.

Our focus on manufacturing technology enables Etched to deliver effective workflows, with the highest levels off efficiency through:

  • Process and team management
  • Resource and material identification and management
  • Optimal cutting, folding, welding, machining, punching, rolling, stamping, and casting of materials.

Our investment means the highest quality result for our clients, in the least amount of time.


We now operate one of the market’s leading products, the Alpha Senfeng Fibre Laser Cutting Machine. A gantry driven, fibre laser source cutting machine with dual tables, it guarantees high-speed cutting of thin materials, as well as stable and consistent cutting of thicker materials. In fact, no matter what the cladding material, the quantity or the budget, our industry-leading laser cutting capabilities deliver fast, perfect, and consistent results for our clients.

Our laser cutting capabilities include:

  • Fast, precise creation of cladding
  • Highest quality results across a wide range of materials – including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, galvanized steel and even titanium.
  • Concurrent etching and cutting capabilities.
  • Flexible capabilities from prototyping to full production runs

If you would like to know more about the benefits of our leading-edge laser cutting capabilities and what they mean for you, contact us today.

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